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Identity(i den ti te)
n., pl. i·den·ti·ties.

  1. The collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known.

How's your Identity?

In an ever changing world, companies are becoming more and more dependent on their identity to set them apart from the competition. Industry is growing at phenomenal rates and thanks to the world wide web, consumers are gaining access to an exponentially larger product base than ever before. Buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate one product from the next, so they fall back on how something looks to make the decision for them. Does your product win the coin toss? Do you have an identity that sets you apart from the competition?

From creating a simple introductory web presance for small businesses, to designing and implementing full blown ecommerce solutions, Alter Ego has what it takes to create your internet identity. [more]
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